Chester, IL


Health Department

Administration & Clinic

2515 State St

Chester, IL 62233

Voice: 618.826.5007

Fax: 618.826.5223

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The Randolph County Commissioners appoint Randolph County Board of Health members. Members serve 3-year terms expiring on July 1.

 Dave Holder, President

Dr. David Chung, Vice-President

 Sue Odle  2024
 Dr. Patrick Miller - Treasurer/Secretary  2024
Denise Ebers 2025
Dr. Joseph Molnar 2023
Diane Schoenbeck 2025
 Nickie Murphy, Family Nurse Practitioner 2024


The Randolph County Board of Health meeting schedule:

October 17, 2023

The board meetings are held in the conference room located at the Randolph County Health Department  2515 State Street, Chester, IL 62233.

Illinois Compiled Statute 55 ILCS 5/5-25012:

At least two members of each county board of health shall be physicians licensed in Illinois to practice medicine in all of its branches, and at least one member shall be a dentist licensed in Illinois. In counties with a population under 500,000, one member shall be chosen from the county board or the board of county commissioners as the case may be.