Emergency Management

Welcome to Emergency Management Agency

Michael L. Hoelscher


The EMA office is responsible for managing resources and acquiring assets during and after a disaster. The EMA office also provides disaster preparation training. Please refer to this website for confirmed information. In emergency situations, there is sometimes mis-information circulated.


What We Do

  • Emergency Services
  • Liason among County, State and Federal Governments
  • Damage Assessment
  • DA teams disperse after a disaster to assess the situation and report

Earthquake awareness should be on everyone's mind. Do you have an earthquake kit prepared? You should have food and water for at least 72 hours!

 To All Pet Owners:

The likelihood your pet will survive a disaster like an earthquake, flood or tornado rides on your planning for them. Here is what you should do:

  • Download a pet preparedness app.
  • Assemble a pet emergency supply kit.
  • ID your pet with a collar and tag, or consider micro chipping your pet.
  • Determine where you would evacuate with your pet as some shelters may not accommodate animals.
  • Create a buddy system with someone where you can help each other's pets if one of you is away during a disaster.
  • Take a selfie with you and your pet in case you need to find your pet after a disaster.