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Welcome to the Coroner's Office


Carlos Barbour


Office Overview

Death by natural causes is one that is primarily initiated by an illness or an internal malfunction of the body not directly influenced by external forces. For example, a person dying from complications from influenza (an infection) or a heart attack (an internal body malfunction) or sudden heart failure is a natural cause. Advanced age is not necessarily a scientifically recognized cause of death, there is always a more direct cause although it may be unknown in certain cases and could be one of a number of aging-associated diseases.

Death caused by active intervention is called unnatural death. Unnatural causes are usually: accidental (implying no unreasonable voluntary risk), misadventure (accident following a willful and dangerous risk), suicide, or homicide. In some settings, other categories may be added. For example, a prison may track the deaths of inmates caused by acute intoxication separately. Additionally, a cause of death can be recorded as undetermined.

Our office investigates the circumstances surrounding every unnatural death occurring in Randolph County. Also certain natural deaths come under the coroner's jurisdiction. The coroner examines the evidence related to the death to discover the cause. If necessary, a jury inquest is held to determine the most likely manner of someone's death.


Office Services

  • Transcripts of Coroner's Inquests, which are printed copies of inquest determinations.
  •  Autopsy Reports, which are certified copies of the pathologist's autopsy report.
  •  Death Certificates