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Regional Office of Education

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Chester, IL 62233

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Welcome to the Regional Office of Education

Kelton Davis

Superintendent of Schools

What does the Regional Office of Education Do?

The Regional Office of Education (ROE) serves the community and schools in various capacities relating to education, including:

Teacher Certification 

ROE registers all active teachers and school administrators, issues Substitute Teacher Certificates, Entitlements & Teacher Aide Approval Letters and issues Work Authorization Permits.

Professional Development

ROE fosters improvement of instruction, promotes school improvement services, supports schools in the quality assurance process, encourages technology services and enhances leadership development.

Health & Life Safety

ROE inspects public schools annually for safety issues, provides courses in safety & first aid for bus drivers and approves building & occupancy permits.

General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

The ROE conducts study classes and testing for GED.

Cooperative Management

ROE assists the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Compliance Division in evaluation and recognition of public & private schools, maintains maps of school districts, administer cooperative programs, monitor public schools during strikes, removes school board members for failure to perform official duties, assists with cooperatives, special education & vocational programs and serves as Ex-Officio Secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees.


ROE audits district claims for General State Aid, categorical funds and federal grants, reviews budgets, audits evidence of indebtedness & annual financial reports, checks bonding for school treasurers, disburses state & federal funds, and acts as administrative and fiscal agent for appropriate programs.

Public Relations and Ombudsman

ROE responds and serves as Ombudsman concerning disputes and questions or concerns from parents, teachers, administrators, board of education members and other citizens, promotes and supports educational programs & achievements of the schools & educators, holds public hearings on topics vital to education, serves as liaison between the state legislature & local school districts, serves as liaison between the ISBE and local school districts


ROE conducts and keeps records of the initial training required for new school bus drivers prior to them receiving a bus permit, as well as conducts and keeps records of the annual refresher workshop prior to renewing school bus permits.

The Regional Safe School Program

The Regional Safe School Program is an alternative learning opportunity for students who are about to be expelled from school and have no other educational alternative. ROE assists an effective transfer back to the regular school program when a student achieves his or her goals.

School Crisis Assistance Team

ROE coordinates teams that develop a network assisting schools during and following a violent incident or other traumatic event, and assists in the training of local school teams.

Julie A. and Lloyd W. Lehman Journalism Scholarship

The scholarship fund is supported annually by the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools and by public & private contributions. ROE facilitates application for the scholarship is made annually to the Cook County Regional Office of Education.

Organ Donor Program

ROE assists the  Illinois Secretary of State with the Organ Donor Program Regional Offices of Education offer training & information to school districts in each region.

Legal Opinions

ROE secures numerous legal opinions each year which cover a wide variety of topics for use by administrators, school attorneys, school board members, teachers and the public.