Land Resource Management FAQs

Are permanent foundations required on mobile homes?

Yes. The foundation shall extend into the ground below the frost line so as to attach and become a part of the real estate (basement, concrete slab or concrete perimeter with mortared concrete block). Vinyl skirting is not allowed.

I help with the family farming operation, can I put a new home on the family farm?

Additional single-family dwellings shall be permitted on an agricultural lot of record provided the occupants of said single-family dwellings are directly related by birth, marriage or adoption to the owners and residents of the lot of record.

Can I put an additional home on my property?

No. Only one dwelling may be situated on any lot or lot of record.

What are setbacks?

The horizontal distance from the lot line in question to the side of the structure facing that lot line or to the edge of the area of operation of the principal use (in the case of a use which does not involve a structure).

What is the Zoning Board of Appeals?

The Zoning Board of Appeals is comprised of seven members appointed by the County Board Chairman with the advice and consent of the County Board of Commissioners.

Where do I find the legal description of a piece of property?

A legal description can be found on the deed or a tax bill.

What is my zoned district?

The zoned district of a property is determined by the area in which it is located. It is best to contact the office with the legal description of the property in question.

How much property do I need to build on?

The factors are variable. Please contact our office for specific information.

If a new structure is not connected to a principal structure (ex. deck, porches...) is a permit required?

Yes. A permit is required.

If a new structure is less then $500.00 in cost, is a permit required?

Yes. Every structure has a value, even if used material is being used in the construction.

If a building is smaller then a 8 x 10, will permits be required?

Yes. Regardless of size, any new structure requires permits.

Does a portable building (carport, shed etc.) need a building permit?

Yes. Any new structure requires a permit.

What year does a mobile home need to be to be moved into the county?

A mobile home is required to be HUD approved. The home must be 1976 or newer.