Chester, IL



1 Taylor Street, Room 103

Chester, IL 62233

Voice: 618.826.5000 ext 219

Fax: 618.826.3930

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E-911 FAQs

Does Randolph County have wireless 911 access?

Yes. Randolph County E-911 accepts wireless Phase I calls, which display the call back number and cell tower location.

Will you put my 911 address in the system?

When your phone is activated, the phone company automatically downloads your telephone number to the system. This normally takes 1-2 business days.

Can I name or change my road name?

Contact the Randolph County Land Resource Management Office.

Can I obtain a 911 mapbook?

Yes. They are available in the Randolph County Clerks Office for $25.00.

What if I don't have a mail box and live off of a main road?

You are advised to post your address at the main road location.

What type of house numbers are required?

No less than 3 inch numbers are requested.

How do I obtain a 911 address?

If you live within the city limits of a community, that specific city hall will give you a 911 address. If you live in a rural area of Randolph County, you may obtain your 911 address from the Land Resource Management Office in the Randolph County Courthouse.