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Chester, IL 62233

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Land Resource Management

Welcome to the Land Resource Management Office


Danny Valleroy


Welcome to the Land Resource Management Office! Please remember that deeds need to be approved by our office before being filed in the Randolph County Clerk's office. Straight transfers will be stamped and returned immediately. A parcel split will need to be checked to insure it closes and complies with ordinance #07-16. It will be stamped accordingly. The $25.00 fee will be collected in this office. To help expedite the process, deeds can be pre-approved. They can be delivered or emailed to our office or faxed to the Randolph County Clerk (618) 826-3750. Then, at the time of filing, the prepared deed can be brought to our office to be stamped and the fee collected at that time. Copies of ordinance #07-16 can be obtained in this office or from the Randolph County Clerk.



GIS Development/Tax Map Maintenance

Gathering and updating information, for the development of the Geographic Information System for all of Randolph County. Approving, plotting, and updating new splits to tax maps

Online Parcel Map


County Zoning

This office is responsible for the general administration and enforcement of the Randolph County Zoning Ordinance, the Randolph County Floodplain Ordinance and the Randolph County Subdivision Ordinance. We issue building permits and initial certificates of zoning compliance applications for any structure built or placed in the unincorporated areas of the county and any municipality which does not carry its own zoning ordinance. We also accept all applications which will go before the Zoning Board of Appeals monthly meeting.


Building Permits

Denotes specifics of the structure being constructed.


Initial Certificate of Compliance

Ensures that the proposed work conforms to the applicable provisions of the zoning ordinance.


Final Certificate of Compliance

Will be issued when by inspection, the work authorized by the initial certificate of compliance has been completed in accordance with the approved plan.


Zoning Board of Appeals Applications

There are five different applications which can be presented to the board. To determine if your project fits the guidelines for one of these applications, please contact the office.


Randolph County Soil & Water Conservation District Permits

This permit is required as per state law (70 ILCS 405/2202a), in conjunction with any Zoning Board of Appeals application.


911 Address

A 911 address will be assigned on any new home being constructed. The 911 address will be given at the time the permits are issued.


Street Vacating

To petition to have a street or alley vacated.


Road Naming

To petition to have a new road named or renaming of a preexisting road.