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Health Department

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RCHD staff conducts necessary inspections of permanent, seasonal, and temporary food service locations, and review plans for new and remodeling food establishments in Randolph County. 

During these visits, staff educates food service workers about the actions necessary to ensure food safety and limit foodborne illness in Randolph County by identifying, reducing, and whenever possible, eliminating factors that may cause foodborne illness.

For more information contact the health department at 618.826.5007 ext. 622.  

Low risk (Category III) food establishment $100.00

Medium risk (Category II) food establishment $225.00

High risk (Category I) food establishment $375.00

Temporary Food Stands $50.00


Temporary Food Stand Permit Application


 Illinois Department of Public Health Food Service Sanitation Code


Randolph County Boil Order Guidelines


Emergency Food and Water Safety


Food Safety Tips for Safe Produce


Holiday Food Safety