Chester, IL

  • State Recreation Area
    State Recreation Area

    Enjoy camping, hiking and fishing at the Randolph County State Recreation Area.

  • Chester Bridge at Sunset
    Chester Bridge at Sunset

    The Chester Bridge is the gateway to and from Missouri. It is the only motor-traffic bridge between St. Louis and Cape Girardeau.

    Principle Photography Courtesy of Christopher & Stephanie Martin. Used by Permission.
  • Mary's River Covered Bridge
    Mary's River Covered Bridge

     The Historic Mary's River Covered Bridge near Chester

  • Chester Welcome Center
    Chester Welcome Center

    Visitors can see Popeye and take a break near the Chester Bridge. 

  • Fort de Chartres
    Fort de Chartres

    Reenactors perform each year during the Rendezvous at Fort de Chartres.



Welcome to the

Treasurer's Office

Justin S. Jeffers


Our office is committed to providing excellent and courteous service. Our Chief Deputy is Megann R. Williams and office hours are 8:00 am until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday except holidays. The County Treasurer's responsibilities include the statutory duties required as Treasurer of Randolph County and as Ex-Officio collector of real estate property taxes and mobile home taxes for all taxing districts.

 Please do not email tax questions, please call our office (618) 826-5000 Extention 224.


Real Estate and Mobile Home Tax

  Collection of and distribution to the various taxing districts

Click Here to Pay Taxes Online

Mobile Home Tax Certification

  Certifying all taxes are paid prior to title transfer

Mobile Home Moving Permit

  Certifying all taxes are paid prior to moving any mobile home

Justin Jeffers was elected Randolph county Treasurer in November 2014. Justin was born in Sparta, Illinois and is a lifelong county resident. After graduation from Sparta High School, Justin enrolled at Southwestern Illinois College where he was a student athlete. After completion, Jeffers transferred to Worsham College near Chicago, IL where he graduated with a business degree concentrated in Mortuary Science. Upon graduation Justin returned to Randolph County Where he served as a funeral director for 8 years before becoming the Treasurer of Randolph County.

In Randolph County, the Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer for the county. These responsibilities include the management of all investments with the county, the collection of mobile home and real estate taxes and the distribution of collected tax dollars to the numerous taxing districts. The Treasurer’s Office essentially acts as the bank for the county. Collection of taxes amount to nearly 30 million dollars annually.

The daily duties of the Treasurer’s Office cover a myriad of different tasks. If you sell or transfer ownership of your mobile home we are the ones to help you. Be sure to bring your title with you and we will do a tax certification to put the home in your name on the county level. You must follow up at the DMV to have your name put on that title. If you plan to move your mobile home, we will issue you a moving permit.

Paying your real estate taxes all at one time can most often times be quite difficult, therefore Justin has implemented an alternative. Justin and our accounting software company have teamed together to work this out to make it easier on the taxpayers. A pre payment plan totally designed for our taxpayers. It is up to the taxpayer to decide when and how much they choose to pay. There are no time limits nor any cash limits. It is entirely up to you.

During our tax season there are several different ways to pay your taxes. You are always welcome to pay in person in our office, 8-4, Monday thru Friday. Another option is to mail your payment to our office. You can also pay at any bank in Randolph County. Just like last year, you also have the option to pay by credit card at We now accept credit card payments in the office. We have installed a drop box in the front of the courthouse by the front door. Please feel free to drop your payment in. The box is checked daily. We feel this box is a great way for people who cannot make it to the courthouse by 4:00 to pay.

Always make sure when you receive your tax bill to check your exemptions. If all of them are not listed please call the Assessors Office. They will do a Certificate of Error (C of E) and your taxes will be lowered.

Usually around the first of August, we receive catalogs from the Trustees of this county. The properties that do not sell at our annual tax sale go to the Trustees of this County. After 3 years of non payment, the Trustee acquires the property and then sells it in this catalog. This is called a sealed bid auction. The bids are sent to the Trustees the day after the deadline date.

Our tax sale is automated meaning that all tax purchases are sold on a computer. The bidding process and percentages are all done by computer.

If you file bankruptcy our office is notified and we keep track of your bankruptcy until you are discharged.

At the end of the calendar year we issue a report called the Annual Treasurer’s Report. This report is a statement of how much money the county has on hand. It covers receivables and payables by each office. The Treasurer’s Office always has this report on hand for you to look over.

The Treasurer’s Office balances most of the bank statements that come into the County.

You Need To Know

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  • Community Foundation

    You can access the website of the Community Foundation of Randolph County by clicking HERE

  • Courthouse Hours

    Randolph County Courthouse hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Holidays are listed on the Transparency page.    

  • COVID-19

    Circuit Court Administrative Orders

  • ETSB

    Meeting Schedule

  • Paying Tickets

    You can pay citations by clicking HERE or you can dial the Circuit Court Clerk directly at 618.826.5000 extension 194 to ask about paying.

  • Press Releases

    Press Releases for COVID-19

  • Southern Illinois Connector

    The Southern Illinois Connector website and Facebook siconnector 

Latest Blogs

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The phone number for Randolph County Animal Control is now 618.826.5484 option 0.

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ILOpioidOverdoseHelplineEarlier this month, Governor Rauner and members of the Opioid Overdose Intervention and Prevention Task Force launched a statewide Helpline to provide immediate assistance for those affected by addiction to opioids and other substances.

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2017 Airport of the Year

The Sparta Community Airport (KSAR) has been in existence for about 60 years, providing numerous benefits to the surrounding area- both in the aviation community as well as the non-flying public.

Airport of the Year Award

The businesses on the field help to support and grow the airport, and the airport helps to grow the businesses. Arch Air Ambulance has a helicopter base at the south end of the field, and provides life-saving services to the immediate area. Their geographic position in Sparta is critical to their response time to a patient, as well as their ability to access smaller hospitals in the region - and the larger facilities in St. Louis.

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Foreclosure Sales

Administrative Order No. 17-CA-6


Effective August 1, 2017, pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/15-1507(b) all judicial mortgage foreclosure sales shall be conducted by the Sheriff of Randolph County, Illinois, except by leave of Court.


Dated: July 17, 2017

Enter: Richard A Brown, Circuit Judge

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