Randolph County, Illinois

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  • Turkeys

    Turkeys abound in Randolph County.

  • Autumn Lake
    Autumn Lake

    Autumn beauty at the Randolph County Lake.

  • Charter Oak School
    Charter Oak School

    The historic, eight-sided Charter Oak School near Schuline.

  • Garrison Hill
    Garrison Hill

    Garrison Hill Cemetery overlooking the Mississippi River near Ellis Grove.

  • Mississippi Overlook
    Mississippi Overlook

    One of the ten best views in America. The Mississippi River Valley from the courthouse bluff.

  • Rally on the River
    Rally on the River

    Hundreds gather each Memorial Day weekend to help raise money for Cardinal Glennon Hospital.

  • St. Paul's Church
    St. Paul's Church

    St. Paul's Lutheran Church near Wine Hill.

  • Music Festival
    Music Festival

    A Summer music festival at Fort Kaskaskia.

  • Misselhorn Gallery
    Misselhorn Gallery

    The Roscoe Misselhorn Art Gallery in Sparta.

  • Summer

    A lovely Summer scene in Randolph County.

  • John Deere
    John Deere

     An antique John Deere Model G at the Annual Shiloh Hill Tractor Show.

  • County Museum
    County Museum

    The Randolph County Museum archives the oldest public records in Illinois.

  • Autumn Walk
    Autumn Walk

    A walk into Autumn at the State Recreation Area.

  • Tractor Fishing
    Tractor Fishing

    Tractor fishing at the annual Shiloh Hill Tractor Show held each August.

  • Winter on the Mississippi
    Winter on the Mississippi

    Trains, cars and barges at the Chester Bridge in Winter.

  • Helping the Environment
    Helping the Environment

    Volunteers work to help keep our rivers clean.

  • Turtle

    A box turtle says hello to Spring.

  • Confluence Spring
    Confluence Spring

    Spring at the confluence of the Kaskaskia and Mississippi Rivers.

  • Popeye Parade
    Popeye Parade

    The Popeye Festival & Parade each September in Chester.

  • LaClare Manor
    LaClare Manor

    The Historic LaClare Manor Bed & Breakfast in Prairie du Rocher.

Destination Randolph County

Every year, thousands of people make a pilgrimage to Randolph County for a day, a weekend, or a summer vacation. They visit the World Shooting & Recreation Complex, the Popeye Character Trail in Chester and the Popeye Festival each September. Others photograph one of the ten best views in America ... the Mississippi River Valley from the observation deck of the Randolph County Courthouse. April visitors prize the Morel Mushroom and find thousands in the Randolph County region.


There is history here in river tales and stories of the first settlers. There are monuments to these pioneers including Shadrach Bond and Pierre Menard. You can see the oldest church in Illinois and the Liberty Bell of the West on Kaskaskia Island. There is the Misselhorn Art Gallery in Sparta, Fort de Chartres near Prairie du Rocher and Fort Kaskaskia near Ellis Grove. Visit an eight-sided historic schoolhouse, museums, and the Cohen Home.

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Find a quiet place at the Confluence Heritage Area and become one with nature while watching birds and river wildlife. The quiet flow of the waters of the Kaskaskia and Mississippi Rivers takes you away and you understand why this place is special. Gaze at the river barges moving along and, if you're lucky, you may even see the Queen of the Mississippi or the Mississippi Queen Riverboats.

The Randolph County region is a sportsman's paradise. There is trophy fishing at Baldwin Lake and the Randolph County State Recreation, and bowfishing on the Kaskaskia River. Hunt ducks, geese, turkey and deer in many locations, or just walk a trail and let the serenity flow through you. A respite from the world. Tour the Kaskaskia Cahokia Trail ... the oldest road in Illinois.

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Then there is Autumn in Randolph County. Amazing color!

Click on our Pinterest pages to see the majesty of Autumn and many more Randolph County sites for all seasons of the year. Click HERE to see a pictorial essay of the Kaskaskia Cahokia Trail. Or click on some of the video links below.

There are music festivals each year and car shows attract thousands to Randolph County annually. Click on this link: Tourism Bureau Illinois South for a list of summer regional activities.

Come for the Festivals. Come for the Sights. Come for the History. Come for Nature. But come soon ... to Randolph County, Illinois.