• Mississippi Fog
    Mississippi Fog

    Fog on the Mississippi River Valley. From the observation deck of the Randolph County Courthouse.

  • People and Crafts
    People and Crafts

    Vendors and visitors enjoy the annual Home Show at the World Shooting & Recreation Complex in Sparta.

  • Mississippi Sunset
    Mississippi Sunset

    A colorful Mississippi River sunset from the bluff near Fort Kaskaskia.

  • St. Peter's Church
    St. Peter's Church

    The beautiful St. Peter's Lutheran Church near Wine Hill, in rural Randolph County.

  • Chester Bridge at Sunset
    Chester Bridge at Sunset

    The Chester Bridge is the gateway to and from Missouri. It is the only motor-traffic bridge between St. Louis and Cape Girardeau.

    Principle Photography by Christopher & Stephanie Martin
  • Boating on the Kaskaskia River
    Boating on the Kaskaskia River

    Thousands of pleasure boaters and fishermen pass through the Kaskaskia River Project's Jerry F. Costello Lock & Dam each year to visit the ports of Randolph County.

  • Levee Districts
    Levee Districts

    The Monroe & Randolph County semi-annual Levee District Commissioners' meeting.

  • American Queen
    American Queen

    The American Queen, the Queen of the Mississippi and other riverboats dock in Chester.

  • The Lake at Steeleville
    The Lake at Steeleville

    A beautiful summer scene at a lake near Steeleville.

  • Earth Day
    Earth Day

    More than 100 middle school students take part in Earth Day at the Jerry F. Costello Lock & Dam near Modoc.


  • Eaglefest

    An American Bald Eagle hovers above the Jerry F. Costello Lock & Dam near Modoc  An amazing presentation at Eaglefest, the first Saturday each February in Randolph County.

  • Presbyterian Church
    Presbyterian Church

    The Historic First Presbyterian Church at Rockwood.

  • Lake Kayaking
    Lake Kayaking

    Kayaking at the State Recreation Area.

  • State Recreation Area
    State Recreation Area

    Enjoy camping, hiking and fishing at the Randolph County State Recreation Area.

  • Red Buds of Spring
    Red Buds of Spring

    The Red Buds of Spring bloom near Tilden.

  • Jerry F. Costello Lock & Dam
    Jerry F. Costello Lock & Dam

    Locking through at the confluence of the Kaskaskia and Mississippi Rivers.

  • War Memorial
    War Memorial

    Honoring American military personnel at War Memorial Park in Steeleville.

  • Precision Manufacturing
    Precision Manufacturing

    Craftsmen hand-finish surgical instruments at Total Titanium in Red Bud. 

  • Late Evening
    Late Evening

    The day ends near the Chester Bridge.

  • Chester Sunset
    Chester Sunset

    Sunset on the Mississippi River from the front porch of the Historic Cohen Home in Chester.

Welcome to Randolph County Illinois

Home of the World Shooting & Recreation Complex and ... Popeye the Sailor!


"Wow, the people here are really nice."

We hear that a lot in our community.

Because Randolph County is home to the World Shooting & Recreation Complex and Popeye, and because our community is where Illinois began, and because of our Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers heritage, we receive thousands of visitors each year from all corners of the world. They come by air, by motor vehicle and even via the Mississippi when the riverboats dock in Chester. What they leave with is the feeling of goodness and respect that we in Randolph County live by.

Randolph County is a wonderful tourism destination. There is serene beauty in one of the largest hardwood forest areas in the Midwest. The air here is pristine and the fishing is incredible. Camping, parks and hiking trails. Hunting. Kayaking. Birding. The Rendezvous at Fort de Chartres. The very first road in Illinois traverses Randolph County. The southern genesis of the Kaskaskia-Cahokia Trail is on Kaskaskia Island. You can see French History at Prairie du Rocher and Fort de Chartres. Visit the bluff at Fort Kaskaskia for an amazing view of the Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers. Enjoy the Roscoe Misselhorn Gallery in Sparta or the museum in Red Bud. The Randolph County Museum in Chester houses the oldest public records in Illinois.

The communities of Randolph County are as individual as fingerprints. Each has a unique identity ... a distinctive culture and history. But we also have common interests and a loyalty to each other seldom seen today. Communities help one another with projects, promotions, causes and concerns. There is no pretension here. The wealthiest person in the community may have breakfast with the man who picks up the trash without a second thought about it. Each has the highest respect for the other because we understand that being the best we can be begins with a genuine concern for one another.

We are also fortunate to have agribusiness, mining, manufacturing and transportation industries which mean many quality jobs with benefits. We have more than 100 churches of most faiths and amazing public and private schools! Randolph County is a wonderful place to work ... and to live.

Thank you for touring our website, you can also visit our Randolph County Economic Development web and Facebook sites, as well as our Pinterest pages for a look at 250 photographs of the people and places of Randolph County.

I personally invite you to come and visit us soon and bring your family!

Dr. Marc Kiehna

Yours truly,


Chairman, Randolph County Commissioners

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